WEBINAR: 5 Steps to Running ABM and ABP in Your Organization

A full and healthy pipeline is the closest thing we've got to a "cure-all" in sales. The processes, tools, and way of thinking behind 'Account Based Marketing and Sales' is how top organizations are getting to that state.

We've teamed up with Sendbloom to show aspiring sales and marketing teams how to run ABM and ABP in a few easy steps.

Please join us thus Thursday, March 3rd at 10am as we dive into how sales leaders can kickstart this modern predictable revenue framework. 

To register, click here.

The event will show you:

  • How B2B founders and sales leaders define their market
  • How to identify the right buyer at the right moment
  • The role of sales triggers in the account based prospecting framework
  • Tips and tactics on orchestrating outreach

And so much more…

If you can’t join on Thursday, sign up here and we’ll send out a recording.